“The implication of seven times seven is that every decision unfolds worlds of possibilities.”

~ Rabbi Irwin Kula



About this group

According to Irwin Kula in his wonderful book, Yearning: Ancient Wisdom for Daily Life, there is a tradition during the ordination process where the rabbi-in-training must write out 49 reasons arguing the purity of a certain fruit and 49 reasons justifying the other side. The reasoning is that without fully exploring both sides of something, we cannot make a truly informed decision. He also explains that the goal in making a decision is not to reach 100% certainty, but 51%. Just 51% is all that is needed. Even when a decision is clear, we may have 49% uncertainty.

The important thing, ultimately, is to choose -- and do.

This 7-week group will begin with an examination of some of your old decision stories, move on to identify a specific decision you’re currently sitting with, unearth and bust open some of the unconscious influences that might affect or alter your authentic beliefs and desires, and ultimately move you towards concrete steps for moving forward.

You’ll complete the 7 weeks by naming your learning and how you will apply it in the future.

How will it work?

* We’ll show up together for 7 weeks. Interspersed with prompts and mini practices will be some real-life decision stories from folks who’ve made big moves in their lives, work, and relationships.

* For the sake of a small, safe container, this group is limited to 14 members.

* We’ll share in a secret Facebook group designed to be a neutral, judgment-free space, focused on slow learning and growth, not good and bad or right and wrong or pushing or rushing. Participation is encouraged but completely optional; we will honor each person’s way of engaging with the group and/or working on their own.

Group Outline

Week 1: Introductions + Stories  

Week 2: Gains (Reasons Why)

Week 3: Losses (Reasons Why Not)

Week 4: Unconscious Influences

Week 5: Myth-Busting

Week 6: Baby Steps

Week 7: Celebration and Completion

Who should join?

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, this group is for YOU!

  • Do you find decision-making difficult, paralyzing, confusing, or overwhelming?

  • Do you put a ton of pressure on yourself to make the “right” decision?

  • Does making decisions cost you sleep or emotional peace?

  • Are you ready to play with a slower, kinder way of exploring your decision-making process?

  • Are you curious to explore new ways of decision-making, other than the usual pros and cons or just plain old insomnia?

  • Want to create some space in your life to consider the implications of your decision-making process, and to move towards greater confidence, centeredness, and clarity?



Single payment of $343
or 2 installments of $175

$449 Group + 1 hour coaching session



“Every decision has gains and losses. At some point, you’ll just know.”

~ a former therapist