The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a poet.

For over  twenty years, I’ve been exploring the intersections between writing, coaching, connecting, and living. And while I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, it took years of trial and error to fully integrate writing with my other passions: Connecting, creating community through sharing stories, and witnessing and mirroring each other’s human experience.

In 2007, I began blogging as a practice. I had a full-time job, and my kids were little at the time — Aviva was five and Pearl was nine-months old. Other than sporadically writing in a journal, I had begun wondering if I was even a writer at all. I also signed up for a 15-week writing class.

I had exactly one reader for the first 11 months.

Then something happened. I began “meeting” other bloggers, many of whom were also women with young children at home, looking to reconnect with the other parts of ourselves. Over the next few years, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I also began writing what I thought might be a memoir, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about. Something was missing, and for the life of me I couldn’t articulate what it was. I secretly wished for something big to happen. So I wrote about that.

In June, 2010. Something big did happen — and it was not something I couldn’t imagined or predicted, though in hindsight I could see that I’d written my way there: I told my then-husband of 10 1/2 years that I was gay. It was not something I’d known, until I knew, and I announced this discovery within three days of realizing it myself. It was shattering, as I knew deep-down it would mean the end of life as I knew it, a life I loved deeply in many ways. And it was the thing I’d been writing my way towards without consciously realizing it for years.

My whole life suddenly made sense.

In the years since, I’ve self-published three collections of poetry and prose, all of which reflect my journey as a woman, a mother, and a writer. I’ve written about grief, about love, about loss and sex and fear and God. I’ve written about smoking and quitting smoking and loneliness and new love. I’ve written about getting remarried, about life-threatening illness, and about staying. And I continue to come here as a place to practice — both the writing itself, and the showing up fully to life as it is rather than as what I think it should be.

In September 2014, I married my beloved wife, Mani Schwartz, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Around this time, her health was precipitously — and mysteriously — declining, and I reached out to a fellow writing mama and entrepreneur in a moment of financial fear and emotional struggle. She suggested I lead an online writing group. I was scared shitless.

Miraculously, twelve women signed up for my very first group, “What If You Knew?” For two weeks, we wrote together every day, to prompts I’d created pairing my own photos and musings. And you know what?

It was like a magic portal.

Long story short, about six months and many groups later, I resigned from my full-time job as a career counselor at a small liberal arts college. It was a terrifying decision, and one I’ve never once regretted making. Doing so enabled me to focus on my wife’s healing journey, as well as to finally do the thing I was put here on the planet to do:

I encourage you show up and practice, in writing and in life.

To share our words, our truth and beauty, with each other. To shed shame and self-consciousness in the name of courage and the creative process.  To start and keep going, by setting a timer for 10 minutes, trusting not knowing what will come, and staying put long enough to find out. Instead of critiques, we give and receive encouragement.

Education + Credentials

  • B.A. in Russian Studies from Barnard College, Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa (1995)
  • M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Emerson College (2000)
  • Advanced training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) (completed in 2003)
  • Founder and Owner of Strong Coaching (2003-2010)
  • Published over 1,200 posts since I started my first blog, Bullseye, Baby! (2007-present)
  • Self-published author of three collections, Don’t Miss This, The Inside of Out, and Why I Was Late for Our Meeting
  • Professional experience as a Hillel director, academic advisor, college writing instructor, and career counselor
  • Worked with hundreds of people, individually and in small groups, online and in person, as a coach and promptress
  • Described by members of my writing + coaching community as bringing generosity, clarity, authenticity, grace, empathy, insight, intuition, honesty, and fierce acceptance to my work, writing, and life.

Come find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Feel free to contact me; I love hearing from people and will always respond.

Groups + Retreats

Two-week freewriting groups (10 prompts each)
– What If You Knew?
– Daily Seeing
– Stark Beauty
– Here Comes the Sun
– The Unspeakables
– Signs
– Transitions
– Imperfect Offerings
– Gestation
– Mixed Messages
– Inside Out
– Blossom
– Worrier to Warrior
– Done/Ready

Focus on Form: A Poetry Workshop

The Republic of the Body: Yoga + Writing

One Story: Ten Facets

Mini Memoirs

Feast on Your Life

On the Corner: Writing at the Intersections

It’s All Made Up: Freewriting Fiction

Dive Into Poetry: Quarterly group

Get Your Muse On: A Place to Practice

Jewels on the Path: Quarterly Intensive for Women Writers

6×6: Just Write

Unfurl Retreats (Amherst, MA and Nelson, WI)