Anthologies, Journals & Magazines

The Sunlight Press, On Becoming Your Own Witness, October 2017

Sliver of Stone, The Space Between Lives, October 2017

True: The Proximity Magazine Blog, Harold and the Purple Prompt, January 2017

Mamalode, What Are Moms Good For? March 2016

On Being, The Spaces Between the Consonants, January 2016

Full Grown People, Beyond the Lonely Bench, October 2015

The Manifest-Station, Free Associating about Fear & Faith (Or, What I’ve Forgotten), September 2015 (Winner of a full scholarship to Jennifer Pastiloff and Emily Rapp’s Stowe, VT Retreat)

Barnard College Alumnae Magazine, The Intrigue of Just Passing Through, August 2014

Truck, Gestation, July 2014

Rebelle Society, What Spirit Will Do, June 2014

G.R.I.T.S.: Girls Raised in the South, An Anthology on Southern Queer Womyns’ Voices and Their Allies, Go Fuck Yourself; Half-Lounge; When it Happens; Alabama, September, 2013

Amulet: A Field Guide, Interview with Marybeth Bonfiglio, Spring 2013

Inside: Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center Publications, Hampshire College, Politics as Usual?, Spring 2013

Goodreads, Throwdown, May 2013 (Newsletter Contest Winner)

New Millenium Writings, Sudden Village, 2013 (Honorable Mention)

Survive & Thrive: Start with the Heart, What Our Hearts Are; Give Thanks, 2012

Loonfeather, Farmsong, 2001

Many Mountains Moving, Sculler’s Club; My Love, 1999

Analecta 24: Dreaming Pasternak; A Rowboat, the Dock, 1997 (Featured Writer)

Guest Posts

Madhuri Blaylock, I Support We Need Diverse Books (WNDB): The Series: Let’s, December 2014

Survive & Thrive, Tell Me About It: At least 10 minutes a day and vlog reading, Tell Me About It, September 2013

Kajama (Featured Writer): Your Spiritual Home on the Web, Bottom Out; Done. Ready; and Why We Are Here, August 2013

Daily Hampshire Gazette, A Mother Looks for Good in a Sorrowful Week, April 2013

Blackhouse Studio, So It Goes, 2012

Roots of She, What if it Were Easy? 2012 (available upon request)

Tracy Clark, I Am Enough series, Rambling about Coming Out, 2011

Karen Maezen Miller, Busting out of the Perfect Pantry, 2009


Becoming a Force of Nature, Interview with Julie Daley, March 2014

Holding Your Grace: Messages of Hope, Interview with divorce attorney Keri Kettle, April 2013

Amulet Magazine: A Field Guide to Living Wise, Interview with Marybeth Bonfiglio, Spring 2013 issue

WomensRadio’s V for Vitality, Interview with host Susan Brender, August 2012