Writing + Life Questionnaire & Personal Values Inventory

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I am wholeheartedly committed to creating a writing & coaching alliance with Jena Schwartz. Jena agrees to hold all content of all phone sessions and online work completely confidential. I commit to showing up, asking for what I need, and taking full responsibility for my creative and writing life.
In addition, I agree to shape the coaching relationship to best meet my needs by: *
-Sharing what I know about my own motivation -Co-designing structures that will support me -Speaking up if I need something different from Jena during our call(s)
I give Jena permission to: *
-Challenge me with powerful questions and creative suggestions -Suggest ideas and “homework” based on our conversations -Provide inquiries for me to think about
These are "pondering" type questions, designed to stimulate your thinking in a way that will make our work together more rich and productive. You might think of each one as a mini freewriting exercise – with no right answer or anything fixed in stone but rather as a portal to further learning, conversation, exploring, and creating. You may choose to answer some or all of these questions! Please return your responses to me at least 24 hours before our Discovery Call. Look forward 20 years: You’re attending a function where someone is giving a speech about YOU. What do you want them to say? How and where does your writing factor in?
Personal & Creative Values
Please select your top ten values:
Now please list your top ten values from one to ten in order of importance. We’ll spend a good amount of time diving into these. Trust your gut (always).