Get Your Muse On: A Place to Practice Showing Up in Writing + Life


You know that whole thing about a tree falling in the forest? Yeah, that. It can be a lonely road, this writing gig.

Why go it alone when you can get (and keep) your muse on in good company? If your writing life feels stuck, being part of a playful, warm, caring community of creative folks makes a world of difference.

Connect with kindred spirits from all over the world in a shared space where the only agenda is to support and encourage each other in writing + life. All writing genres and backgrounds are welcome.

What Is It?

An online community for folks who want to keep the writing vibe alive (and whose muses occasionally wander off without leaving a note).

Always be cultivating a community to whom you can say, “I just had the most amazing experience,” who will understand and nod with joy. – Jen Louden

The emphasis here is on the beautiful mystery and mess of the creative process. In the words of Mary Oliver, “It’s not a competition, it’s a doorway.”

As a Muse, You’ll Enjoy:

  • Accountability
    Surrounding yourself with people who care what you’re up to will help bring out your best and keep you true to your values and writing goals. Begin each new week with writing down your intentions — from the creative to the practical.
  • Members-Only Writing Prompts
    Weekly prompts will keep you on your toes and your writing vibe alive, no matter what else you’re working on.
  • Fierce Encouragement
    Share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the lovely about your writing + life.
  • Resource-sharing
    From submitting work to self-publishing to dealing with writer’s block and inner critics, a give-and-take with some of the coolest people on the planet will help your writing life grow.
  • Play
    Regular reminders not to take yourself too seriously, not to mention help with the Oxford comma, remembering where the apostrophe goes, and the occasional existential crisis.
  • Freedom
    Participate and contribute as much or as little as your schedule and interest allow. There is no “keeping up” here.
  • Feedback
    Practice what Amanda Palmer calls “the art of asking” when you’re seeking specific/critical feedback.
  • Flexibility
    Membership is totally complementary to my other writing groups–a both/and rather than an either/or (no prior participation required). You can join or cancel at any time.
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Quarterly and annual membership levels include one-on-one calls with Jena. All members receive peer support and informal coaching.
  • Custom birthday limericks
    Enough said!
  • Semi-annual retreats
    Be the first to know about opportunities to meet your writing peeps in real life.

Who Should Join?

Humans who value community, kindness, words, and and creative rule-breaking. And of course, who love writing. Whether you’re a blogger, an essayist, a closet journaler, an award-winning author, a writer for social change, or none of the above, there’s a place for you here.

Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too. – Isabel Allende

I did a little asking around, and compiled a sampling of vocations and professions of folks who’ve written with me over the last two years.* Seriously, people. We could start a small country with these skills. And what’s the one thing we ALL have in common?


Choose the membership option that works best for your writing + life.

In my world, writing and community are as vital as bread and rent money. If you’d like to join but can’t swing the monthly fee, get in touch and we can discuss a sliding scale. 

NOTE: Face-to-face coaching sessions take place via Zoom, and are catered to your individual questions and goals. These calls are known for replacing self-doubt with curiosity, inertia with momentum, excuses with accountability, and ideas with actions.

A SPECIAL GIFT: All new members will receive a free booklet of 18 original pieces to inspire and fortify your writing + life by yours truly. See below for the contents of “Already Rocking This (A.R.T.)”


Tier 1 Tier 2
$18 or $36/month (sliding scale)
Group only
Group + monthly 30-minute call (1:1 coaching devoted to your creative process)

Choose one:




Yours FREE when you join the Muses: 

1. Already Rocking This (A.R.T.)
2. We Encourage You to Submit Your Ego Again
3. The Art of Detachment
4. The Art of Intuition
5. Boobs or Butts: Becoming Booti-ful
6. The Art of Being a Real Runner (and Writer)
7. Writing the Waves
8. The Art of Getting There
9. The Art of Taking Rest
10. The Art of Drawing a Treasure Map
11. The Art of Staying Positive
12. The Art of Humility
13. The Art of Withstanding Fear
14. The Art of Stopping Time
15. The Art of Prayer
16. The Art of Becoming a Boring Writer (and Embracing It)
17. Walking on Water and Writing as Dowsing
18. The Art of Trusting Yourself

* * *

Real-Life Professions and Vocations of Folks Who’ve Written with Jena: 

Creative philanthropist. Psychotherapist. Community Organizer. Nonprofit Director. Educator. Life Coach. Tarot Reader. Marketing Director. Custom Stationary Entrepreneur. Artist. Tutor. Massage Therapist. Roofing & Waterproof Consultant. Nutrition, Fitness, Equestrian & Momentum Coach. Bed & Breakfast Owner. Chronic Illness Patient Coordinator. Stay-at-Home Mom. Physician. Chaplain. Caregiver. Realtor. Mom. Group Facilitator. Full-Time Breastfeeder. Grad Student. Social Worker. Aspiring Hogwarts Student. Recovering Lawyer. Former Lawyer. Writer Who Lawyers to Pay the Bills. Brand Consultant. International Studies Professor. House Cleaning Business Owner. College Essay Admissions Advisor. Editor. Policy Analyst. Yoga Teacher. Photographer. Videographer. Lawyer. Jewelry Maker. Higher Education Fundraiser. Academic Advisor. IT Project Manager. Painter. Meditation Instructor. Cyber Security Engineer. Community Education Outreach Coordinator. Wearable Art Designer. Sexual Liberator. Online Course Creator. Snapchat Goddess. Potty Mouth Personal Trainer. Blogger/Podcaster Extraordinaire. University Professor. Registered Nurse. Content Writer. Virtual Assistant. Nonprofit Director of Communications & Operations. Bartender. Scientist. Radiologic Technologist Specializing in Mammography. Lover. Truthteller. English & Women’s Studies Professor. Actor. Memoirist. Manager. Retiree. Musician. IT Director. Lacrosse Coach. Handyman. Reiki Master. Nanny. Pet Sitter. Elder Care Provider. Lab Scientist. Speech Pathologist. Product Manager. English Teacher. Graphic Designer. Etsy Store Owner. Psychologist. Culinary Nutrition Specialist. SoulCollage Facilitator. Closet Nun. Healthcare IT Executive. Nurse Practitioner. Nit Picker. Financial Advisor. Cardiac Nurse. Health Insurance Agent. Business Strategist. Humanitarian Aid Worker.

* * *

“Some people are great writers, and some people are great listeners, and some people are gifted teachers, and some people are skilled at encouraging others, and some people know just how to gather a group and hold space for them, and some people are totally bad-ass and can do all of the above, plus spill out their heart right alongside you and make you feel like you’re in a trusted circle of friends you never want to lose touch with. Jena. Yup.”
– Allison Tyler

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