10338336_10203275567066511_8566604415218267698_nI always believe I am writing the truth. And I am always right, since in myself, as myself, if I write down what is in my mind, (which I always do) I am writing the truth. But only my truth. That jewel has many facets. Several shine for me; but there are other sides to that jewel, concealed from my eyes. – Donald Friend, from “The Diaries of Donald Friend,” April 1944

About this online writing group:

* Each group is limited to 12 participants, providing each writer a uniquely intimate and intensive experience of personal attention and readership.
* A warm, supportive opportunity to explore one story or subject from ten different perspectives, just as a gem has many ways of catching the light.
* Three weeks of writing prompts, including an initial exercise to help you choose your subject.
* Pressure, comparison, and judgment-free.
* Participation in a secret Facebook group for sharing, feedback, support, reflection, and connection (this magical space goes “poof!” at the end of each session, but don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to take your words with you).
* Permission to write total complete drek–and not to “fix” it before sharing.

“…a safe space to go quickly and deeply into one’s writing.”
– Andrea Jarrell 

“… Best I’ve ever attended.” – Erica Sternin 

Upcoming dates
May 7-28, 2018

$198: Group only
$289: Group + 60-minute coaching session  

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