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Jena Schwartz
Fierce Encouragement for Writing + Life

Fierce Encouragement for Writing + Life


I’m Jena.


I’m an extroverted introvert, a lover of trees and fresh water swimming and babies and bulldogs, and a rabbi at heart. All of my work, from writing groups to retreats to individual coaching, editing, and mentoring, is devoted to creating safe and brave spaces where we get to write, share, and connect. I’ve been blogging as a practice since 2007.

This isn’t work we can do alone. Showing up, telling our stories, and taking good care of ourselves and each other through how we live and write — that’s why I’m here. Thank you for being on the other side of the words — and for sharing your own. Read more about me here.

Places to Practice

The Sound of Real Life Happening

Discover the magic of writing 11s

Limited to 11 participants

Write 11 things a day for 11 consecutive days. Rather than curating, censoring, or evaluating, we will simply give ourselves permission to show up as we are, in a safe and brave space.

Unfurl: Amherst

For anyone who longs for the gift of time to breathe, write, and connect.

Registration now open!

July 12-14: A weekend of embodied writing practice + harnessing the creative alchemy of mind, body, and heart. Meditations, prompts, and freewrites punctuated by laughter and love.

1:1 Coaching

Start where you are and allow life to unfold.

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Our work together can help you identify the missing pieces, get clearer on what you truly need and want, and move steadily in that direction.


Jena creates, holds space, and inspires like nobody’s business.

~Emily Armstrong Oberto 


Let’s work

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a writer, but only your cat and your best friend from second grade actually know this about you. Perhaps you have a manuscript you’ve been working on for what feels like ever, and you’re ready to step things up by inviting in a second pair of eyes and some accountability. Or you have an idea and you just want to know if it’s as crazy as you think. Or you’re not a writer at all, but a person who longs to close the gap between your work, your life, and your most cherished values.


Unfurl Retreat
July 2019

A small group of folks who gather to write and rejuvenate. A weekend of embodied writing practice + harnessing the creative alchemy of mind, body, and heart.


"Correction does much. But encouragement does more."

— Goethe


Jewels on the Path:

A 16 Week Intensive for Women + Nonbinary Writers

September 2 - December 20, 2019


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Jena Schwartz | Coaching, Editing, Writing Groups + Retreats

“The practice Jena teaches is writing. But what she offers points way past the words. Her line of sight reaches the moon and beyond.”

~ Cristina Spencer

Jena Schwartz | Coaching, Editing, Writing Groups + Retreats

“Jena has a gift. Her groups inspire the most unfiltered, fearless, beautiful writing. These two weeks have forever changed the way I write for the better.”

~Dina Lucas Relles