I Know a Woman

Photo: Jeanette LeBlanc

I know a woman
forget flowers in her hair
she is queen of the crossroads
she will lay it all bare

I know a woman
forget her sweet smile
she is storming the castle
she is beauty and bile

I know a woman
forget empty words
she is forging a path
and feeding the birds

I know a woman
perhaps she is scared
she is telling the truth
she is defying the dare

I know a woman
on a corner she stands
she is taking her name
back into her hands

I know a woman
forget what you thought
she is the sole owner
of what can never be bought

6 thoughts on “I Know a Woman

  1. Wow Jena! What power surges through this! You slay me here while at the same time you breathe life into every cell. Astonishment. Delight. Yay! And deepest thanks!

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