About this workshop

Spend a Sunday afternoon clarifying & exploring your core values. Expect a relaxed and safe atmosphere where you’ll get personal attention, have time for silent writing, and leave with a personal roadmap that will help you live in greater alignment with what matters most to you.

How will it work?

* We’ll gather at my office in Amherst, Massachusetts.

* For the sake of a small, safe container, workshop size is limited to 8 participants.

* After introductions and a brief exercise of selecting your top 10 values from a master list, we’ll spend an hour diving into a fun and creative in-depth exercise, guided by Jena and executed in pairs.

* A period of silent writing will give you time to integrate your discoveries.

* You’ll gave the opportunity to name one thing in your life you’ll approach differently, informed by the day’s learning.

Who should sign up?

Anyone with a desire to feel more of a connection between how you spend your time and what really matters most to you. All ages and genders welcome.


Sliding scale | $75-$150

Upon checkout, you will have the option of selecting which amount best reflects your current financial reality. Choose to pay $75, $150, or anywhere in between.

I loved the values exercise. I find myself still returning to it as I think about my next steps, and it is a beautiful way to check in with myself to see if my choices are in alignment with what really matters, or if they are pulling me in a direction that I don’t really want to go. And it’s helped me stay committed to my writing as writing is one of the things I realize brings me the most value in how I spend my time.
— Sharon Jo Balsamo
The values exercise with Jena was a vital part of my coaching experience. I’d done work on this before and was surprised how much new and important wisdom surfaced through the process. I continue to carry it with me, literally and physically!
— Claudia Horwitz