Backtalk: Mothers + Daughters Writing

10435137_10203457422532784_3579496732818994288_nThe more a daughter knows about the details of her mother’s life – without flinching or whining – the stronger the daughter. – Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

About this two-week writing group: 
* A warm, supportive space for mothers and daughters to see, hear, and get to know each other outside of their day-to-day roles and routines.
* Pressure, comparison, and judgment-free. * Participants will be encouraged to go on (at least) one writing date during the group.
* Daily writing prompts, Monday-Friday.
* A secret and totally confidential Facebook group for sharing our stories. What’s written in the group stays in the group, even within your own household unless both parties agree to discuss. (This magical space goes *poof* at the end of each session).
* Daughters ages 11-14 welcome. Older daughters may write, too — I’ll create a custom group upon request. (Mothers of all ages welcome!)
* An emphasis on showing up and connecting, rather than on “good” writing.

“You are a true magic maker.” – Alisa Brownlow Absmeier

Participation Requirements:
* A personal Facebook account for the two weeks of our group (if your daughter does not have a Facebook account, she can create one just for this and have just the two of us as “friends”).
* A daily commitment to writing for 10 minutes and commenting on your mother’s or daughter’s posts.
* An open mind and heart and interest in being honest and real.

1912484_10203457422132774_3147941192744127225_nUpcoming Dates:
Available on a custom basis at any time; please contact me to arrange your session! 

A Note on Language:
“Mothers” here is intended as an inclusive way of saying any adult female who serves as a primary role model or caregiver in a young woman’s life. “Daughters” includes any female-identified teenager who wishes to participate.

“[This group] might have changed my life forever. I did this with my mother. Each day, we would get a prompt that was about our own lives, and we had 10 minutes to write. I learned so much about my mother’s life and my own. I have never been a fan of nonfiction writing, but I really enjoyed participating and it helped my mother and I connect in a way we never had before.” – Eliza G., age 13

$159 per mother/daughter pair

“Eliza (12) and I are loving this! Every time we write she says ‘Wow, I never knew that about you!’ Proof of concept! Bravo!” – Karen Thorson Greenberg

* Secure your spot via PayPal below.
* Each mother and daughter must send me a friend request (if we’re not already Facebook friends).
* If a daughter falls slightly out of this age range but would like to participate, just give me a holler.



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