On-Demand Classes

If you’re looking to do more writing on your own, you’ve come to the right place! Choose from the series below. Note: All of these self-paced writing classes consist of 10 interrelated prompts and go out on a MWF schedule, beginning on the Monday after you sign up.

One Story: Ten Facets

Explore one story or subject from ten different perspectives, just as a gem has many ways of catching the light. Three weeks of writing prompts, including an initial exercise to help you choose your subject.
“…a safe space to go quickly and deeply into one’s writing.” – Andrea Jarrell

Mini Memoirs
Flesh out a memory or moment in your life that won’t let you go with ten interconnected prompts.  Bite-sized pieces and baby steps are a good way to start writing, or to finish writing, or to keep going.
“These prompts helped to reach deep & find forgotten treasures of my past.” – Emmy Van Swaaij

On the Corner: Writing at the Intersection(s)

We all stand at the corner of so many identities, “parts” of ourselves — embraced and off-limits, seen and invisible, conditioned and chosen. Come get to know (and accept) yourself that much more fully.
“I’ve found and lost myself endlessly here. This is such an amazing gift.” – Pat Palazy 

It’s All Made Up: Freewriting Fiction

Let your imagination take the lead, running roughshod over your well-worn true stories and introducing moments, characters, and incidents you’ve never before dreamed up or written down.
“This is a FABULOUS writing opportunity. I didn’t want it to end.” – Pamela Hunt Cloyd

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As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions

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