You will not regret making room for more writing in your life. Take their word for it.

“Jena is exactly what you hope for in a writing coach – her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she’s willing to share her own unedited work, too. She’s able to create an environment of trust and honesty. My experiences her writing groups have been unforgettable.” ~ Amy Carlson

“Jena’s leadership, openness, and magic are irreplaceable.” ~ Trayle Kulshan

“Jena’s lovely, amazing classes are truly like nothing else offered online — her feedback and kindness in particular.” ~ Julie Martinka Severson

“Writers like Jena raise the bar for my writing in the best possible way.”  ~ Jill Seeger Salahub

“Jena is a writing midwife of the highest order.” ~ Dana Schwartz 

“Everything I’d heard about Jena’s ability to create a safe space to go deep fast is true. She’s a wonder.”  ~ Andrea Jarrell

“Jena has a gift for being able to get at the heart of a person and her world, and with a gentle strength, coax her story onto the page. Her groups inspire the most unfiltered, fearless, beautiful writing.” ~ Dina Lucas Relles

“This bumpy, obstacle-ridden writing life is easier with someone to hold your hand, light the way, or point out the detours.” ~ Joell Stebelton

“Coaching sessions with Jena opened my eyes to my inner self, waking parts of me that have been dormant.” `~ Becky Jardine-Holland

“Jena is a gifted and perceptive facilitator. The format and duration of her class were brilliant and conducive to a gentle opening and gradual deepening of the practice. Every prompt asked me to show up in different ways and revealed how sometimes I jump in head-first, others I kick and fight through resistance. A present, compassionate guide and companion, Jena has succeeded in creating a space where all you have to do is show up, write, and open up to presence and vulnerability, the essential ingredients for clear, honest writing.” ~ María José Giménez

“Life changing. I would have paid $1,000 for what I got out of this experience.” ~ Katie DiBenedetto

“These two weeks have been deeply meaningful to me, magical. I retired intending to write, and now for the first time I truly feel that I will keep at it.” ~ Jeanne Argoff

“I adore Jena. She fosters creativity and community.” ~ Rudri Bhatt Patel

“Jena is a gem. Her direct, empathic enthusiasm, combined with her innate tenderness feels like coming home to an old friend.” ~ Cait Lynch

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