About this group

Some people ascribe to magic portals, celestial gateways, and other ethereal spiritual woo. I ascribe to being here now, solid ground, and the power of showing up with awareness and intention in our everyday lives. This is where we live, work, love, and grow — and where we can effect actual change.  

Tuning into to the Sound of Real Life Happening offers us not only a powerful vehicle for writing practice, but also an opportunity to pay closer attention to our daily patterns.

Whether your goal is to write everyday as an act of mindfulness or to generate material for potential blog posts or essays, this group will offer you a uniquely intimate and intensive experience of sharing the stuff of our daily lives. Rather than curating, censoring, or evaluating, we will simply give ourselves permission to show up as we are, in a safe and brave space.

Nothing you record will be deemed too mundane or too radical, too boring or too blasphemous. Your life is your life, and nobody else among the 7.6 billion humans on the planet is having the same experience as you.

How will it work?

* For 11 consecutive days, you’ll be invited to write down 11 things each day. Literally anything goes.

* For the sake of a small, safe container, this group is limited to 11 members.

* We’ll share our elevens in a secret Facebook group, where we will practice not only daily writing, but also loosening the binds of self-judgment.

Who should join?

Anyone who wishes to tap into a daily writing practice, live with greater mindfulness and curiosity, and feel more present in your everyday lived experience.  If you long to write but never seem to make the time, this is a wonderful opportunity to begin.



The elevens are giving me life!
— Gregory Halpen
This practice is healing and nurturing in ways I never could have expected.
— Kerri Grote
I had a breakthrough in my writing, and I am pretty sure this group had something to do with it. It felt really good to be able to find more words again.
— Kim Tackett
This group has shifted something in me, some pile of garbage that has been blocking my view of what a writing life can be.
— Melinda Coppolla
The 11s are drawing me deeper to the marrow of my life!
— Maureen McGahey