Ever have something you need to write, but you don’t want to share it in a group or with someone who’s part of your day-to-day life?

Ever just need a witness to your words — not to coach, advise, or critique, but just to be present to your process?

Ever say you’re going to stick to a writing practice… then don’t?


I get it. Some of the most healing and creative connections I’ve had over the years were premised on sharing words without agenda, without expectation, and without advice. On having someone to simply witness me in whatever personal, professional, spiritual, or creative process I was facing. And on being a person who could hold space for others in this way.

Life gets super busy. We say we want to write, and then the car gets a flat tire, the kid gets the chickenpox, the toilet backs up, the boss emails you in the middle of the night. It’s always something, and your poor notebook sits there, neglected.

That’s why I’ve created an eminently do-able way for you to keep your writing life alive, to honor your need for getting words on the page, and to meet the desire to have someone hear the tree as it falls in the dense forest of your days.


1. On the first Monday of the month, you’ll receive a writing prompt from me, just for you. You’ll carve out just 10 minutes to freewrite by hand — no editing or polishing or fixing or fussing, just letting the words come out.

2. You’ll send me your words for safekeeping. What kind of response you receive is completely up to you: I’ll bear witness to whatever needed to be written, simply acknowledging receipt without comment OR I’ll reply with a reflection of your words back to you.

What you will not get from me: Advice, praise, judgment, agendas, or questions.

What you will receive from me: Acknowledgment, witness, and encouragement to be good to yourself as you keep going.

3. We repeat each month. You may sign up with or without a monthly call where we meet face-to-face to talk about whatever’s coming up for you as your writing + life unfold. You may start, change, suspend, or cancel your subscription at any time.*

That’ll it. So simple, so powerful. A sealed vault for your tender places, your big decisions, your raw material, and your messy first drafts.


Anyone who…

  • wants to maintain a writing practice without the commitment of being in a group;
  • desires spacious witnessing;
  • loves writing — and falls off the wagon easily; or
  • wishes to have an impartial reader and witness as you get words on the page.


For prompt + witnessing only: $39/month.
For prompt + witnessing + 30-minute coaching call: $89/month.

Choose one:

*Fine print: When you sign up for this service, you agree that everything you write and share will be treated in sacred confidentiality. Jena will only break this agreement if your writing gives her reason to believe you are a danger to yourself or others. This service is not therapy nor is it intended to be a substitute for mental health counseling; the process is intended to use writing as a powerful tool and practice. You may change, suspend, cancel, or restart your subscription at any time. Jena reserves the right to cancel any subscription that isn’t adhering to the above.