Wisconsin: Fall 2018

PICTURE THIS: Mid-October. A quaint farmhouse on a hill, overlooking the Mississippi River.

A small group of folks who gather to write and rejuvenate for a few days and nights. Community and connection, solitude and space, good food. Maybe even a room of your own.

Fall lends itself to letting go of what no longer serves our creativity — and harvesting what does for the winter months that follow. It may only be August, but Lisa Gray and I are looking ahead and teaming up to bring you the first-ever Unfurl Midwest retreat.

There was a feeling of profound permission being together in person that astounded me, really. The level of trust and truth and the total beauty of everyone’s words filled me. That’s a very special state of being. ~ Lisa Moskowitz Sadikman

Come spend three nights and days in beautiful rural Wisconsin. Make space  to listen to your own voice, get your words flowing, and seeing what happens when you give yourself permission to not know in advance and to let go of outcomes. Our focus will be on presence, playfulness, and the poetry of showing up — not on polishing or producing a certain number of pages. In other words, this is NOT a traditional writing retreat. (If you are looking for a craft-oriented workshop or work on a specific body of work, this retreat may not be right for you!)

I recommend Unfurl to anyone who wants to write but feels too shy, inhibited, inferior, scared, uncertain, or stuck. My recommendation: Take the leap. On the other side of your fear is a group of loving, open-hearted, generous, creative spirits who will welcome you into the fold and bestow upon you the well-deserved title: Writer. Yes, you, with all your fears and insecurities, you are a writer. Come to Unfurl to find your people and rejoice. ~ Miv London


* You’ll be greeted by Jena and Lisa, as well as a custom notebook for your words. Specific plans, details, and logistics are available to participants in a secret Facebook group .

* 2018 Dates & Rates coming soon. Contact Jena to be put on a waitlist for more info!

“There was no sense of competition or exclusion. It was a very inclusive, nurturing, safe, but not sappy or precious, space. It was seamless.” ~ Allison Tyler

“Unfurl was a gift on so many levels. Touching the minds and hearts of fellow writers, face to face, in a warmly supportive setting was truly food for the soul at a time when I needed it most. I appreciated the pause in my routine and the opportunity to immerse myself in the company of like-minded, open-hearted women who are on a similar writing journey. Your generosity of spirit and the beautiful way you hold space for writers, both online and off, is extraordinary.” – Sue Ann Gleason

Air transportation:
The farmhouse is located 100-minute drive along the Mississippi from Minneapolis International Airport and 60-minute drive from the Rochester, MN airport.


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About your guides

Jena SchwartzJena Schwartz is a poet, promptress, and writing coach whose work weaves together a passion for language, poetry, and storytelling with a devotion to community-building based on kindness, connection, and inclusivity. She began leading online writing groups in 2014, and has since shared her unique flavor of fierce encouragement for writing + life with hundreds of people around the world. Jena has a BA in Russian Studies from Barnard College, an MFA from Emerson College, and advanced training with the Coaches Training Institute. In addition to blogging for over 10 years, she has self-published three collections of poetry and creative nonfiction. She is fiercely committed to LGBTQ rights, intersectional feminism, the Black Lives Matter movement, and writing as an expression of resistance. She lives in Amherst, MA with her rockstar wife Mani, and kids, Aviva and Pearl.

Lisa Gray is a writer, mother, wife, pet corraler, activist, languid blogger, voracious reader, and intrepid explorer of truth and beauty who hopes to ease her way back into writing again (see other roles). At home in gorgeous Winona, MN, she finds herself in her coffee cup, her books, her pets, and her family life. Though it’s always a surprise but hardly surprising, her truest self emerges on the page. A recipient of an Emerging Artist’s Grant from SEMAC (Southeast Minnesota Arts Council), you can read more of her work at Restless Gray Girl, which includes links to other publications.