You’re terrified of sharing your words, but that whisper is starting to shout.

You’re tired of the “I don’t have time” story.

You have a strong writing practice — but the thrill is gone.

You need a new perspective on an old story, or a pair of eyes on a work in progress.


“One learns by thinking about writing and by talking about writing—but primarily through writing.”
~ Mary Oliver

Take a seat, start, and keep going. Call it practice and let your inner critic throw a hissy fit. Because some words are more than no words. Ten minutes is more than no minutes. You don’t have to be good. Just show up and see what happens. You might surprise yourself.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of what’s on these pages. No matter where you are in your writing life, there’s a place for  you here.

“Never have I felt so befriended: by the page, by a group of fellow writers, by a teacher and coach. Jena provides a lovely mixture of inspiration, invitation, and validation. And then she throws in something else, something wonderful and ineffable which I can only describe as magic. For how else could a bunch of strangers become so intimate so quickly? Within this sacred circle, we came to trust not only one another, but also our own voices, our process, and most of all, the value of sharing our stories.”
Katrina Kenison, Author

Writing Groups, Prompts, and Community

The drop-down menu under “Ready to Write” is where you’ll find Self-paced prompts and on-demand classes as well as the most current upcoming opportunities for us to write together this spring (Dive Into Poetry in April, The Republic of the Body in May, and the in-person Unfurl Retreat in June).

Join the fabulous Get Your Muse On community group at any time. Women writers seeking more focused accountability should check out the Spring session of Jewels on the Path, now open for preregistration.

Creative Coaxing/Coaching

Have a sense that there’s more — within you and out in the world — but not sure of your next steps?
Coaching can help you find your own answers and map your way forward.

Poetry and Fierce Encouragement

Come follow my blog, subscribe to the Fierce Encouragement (for Writing + Life) newsletter, and buy one or all of my books.

“I would recommend Jena’s writing groups to anyone looking to experience a radical shift, internally, and with their writing practice.” 

Monisha Vasa, M.D.

Your perfectionism will not save you.
Your perfectionism will paralyze you.
Your perfectionism is based on a myth.

Tell us the myth of your perfectionism:
Who are its gods and goddesses?
Who takes the fall?
Who is triumphant in the end?
What comes to life and what must die away?

Your walls will not save you.
Your walls will isolate you.
Your walls are based on a story.

Tell us the story of your walls:
What color are they?
Who is allowed in and why?
What are you keeping out?
What will happen if you wander beyond them?

Your self-doubt will not save you.
Your self-doubt will keep you small.
Your self-doubt is based on lies.

Tell us about the lies:
What do they whisper in your ear?
Where do they live in your body?
What if you ignore their warnings and go big?

Your truth and beauty will save you.
The truth of your being.
The beauty of your being.
Or maybe you don’t need saving.
Imagine that.

Tell us about a moment when you felt seen.
And powerful.
And worthy.
And loved.

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