Jewels on the Path

Are you working on a book or writing project but could use some structure and encouragement? This group is for you.

Preregistration for the Spring 2017 session is now open — fill out form at the bottom of this page!

Dates: Monday, April 3 – Friday, June 23

“For SO LONG I was trying to write. Now, I just write. Because I want to be successful to this commitment here. Also, because it just feels good, even when it’s hard. It’s comfortable. It’s me. It’s what needs to be done.” – Jennifer Grow

A small, strong, and supportive container within which to write and grow – as writers and as people. An opportunity to celebrate and share insights and resources as well as to embrace the beautiful mess of the living, breathing, creative process. A place to move into and through resistance, to be surprised by your own voice, and to commit to writing the stories only you can tell. A forum for both courage and experimentation as you explore a specific writing project or topic for 12 weeks. If you are writing a memoir, this is a great place to share your progress and challenges alike. If you are focused more on essays, blog posts, or poems, you will have a devoted audience with whom to share new work each week.

“I am trusting I can and will do this book. I know the difference accountability as well as support/feedback make for me—it’s huge. While I (we) write alone, while these are my (our) words that I (we) put to the page, it is within the context of this group, with all of you writer Jewels, that I (we, I assert) thrive and blossom. And write!” – Robin Gurse

Options B and C (see below) include one-on-one coaching calls to discuss specific pieces of writing and/or explore what you’re seeing and where your writing is taking you. Moral support, fierce encouragement, brainstorming, the miracle of good old-fashioned listening, and (naturally) homework. Adding on a private coaching component can help bring that much more clarity and depth to your work over these few months, but it is entirely optional.

What happens each week?

Arriving. Introductions. Writing and clarifying a Vision Statement for the next 12 weeks for your writing. By “vision statement,” we are talking about a kind of courage + writing compass, i.e. What direction is calling you and what will you do to stay oriented? What do you know will support you as you go (rewarding yourself for showing up, asking for help, etc.)? If you have a sense of this, where would you like to be with your writing in 12 weeks?

WEEKS 2-11

* Mondays:
Each Monday morning, we share intentions as a kind of weekly “roll call” and way of writing down what we intend to work on in the coming week.

* Wednesdays:
Each participant posts a selection of new writing, whether it’s a new chapter, a draft of an essay or blog post, or a revision.  Reading and commenting on each other’s work is part of what makes this such a rich experience. (If you have no interest in reading and contributing to others’ writing/process, working exclusively 1:1 with Jena may better suit you.)

* Fridays:
Check-ins, in relation to your creative process, blocks, and discoveries that week.

WEEK 12:
An opportunity for reflection and completion: Where you are now, what you can see anew, and looking ahead.

To show up every week with new words, to actively participate in reading and commenting on each other’s posts, and to practice seeing what happens when you stay with something for a few months to allow it to unfold. The “something” might be an extended piece of writing you’re working on, or it may be your own life and whatever unknowns and changes you’re currently navigating.

By joining this group, I acknowledge the above terms description and commit to actively participating in this 12-week group experience, Jewels on the Path, an interactive writing & coaching alliance with Jena Schwartz. Jena agrees to hold all content of our private communication in sacred confidentiality. I commit to showing up, asking for what I need, and taking full responsibility for my creative and writing life.

In addition, I’ll adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The process supersedes the outcome
  • Some writing is better than no writing
  • Everything counts
  • I will be kind, honest, and encouraging — with myself and my compatriots


Option A. $126 :: group only

Option B. $360 :: Add biweekly 30-minute stay-on-track calls + occasional email/message support

Option C. $540 :: Add weekly 45-minute coaching calls + unlimited email/message support

I acknowledge and agree to the above description and cost, and I commit to picking up my own jewels on the path as well as investing time each week in reading the work of and providing feedback to my fellow group members. I also agree to asking for changes if/when needed and taking full responsibility for my creative and writing life. In turn, Jena agrees to hold all content of our communication and work together in sacred confidentiality.

In addition, I understand that:

  • early termination will result in a cancellation fee equaling one month’s payment;
  • if I’m choosing option b or c, I am responsible for providing 24 hours’ notice for any cancelled or rescheduled coaching sessions or else I will forfeit that call; and
  • there are no refunds or transfers.


Telling me a bit about your current writing project and/or goals and needs, and I’ll promptly respond. If you aren’t sure if Jewels is a good fit, we can set up a time to chat!


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