Dive Into Poetry


    March 23, 2017

    Back in the garden:
    Three stone slabs,
    trees bending in close

    but not too close.
    Ranunculus flowers,
    orange blooms.

    A bird on a step,
    a small creek below.
    And beyond that,

    an open green space
    where my child
    was playing.

    I was so happy here,
    finally home, my own
    place, my own garden.

    I called the child
    to come, let’s follow
    the stream.

    It led to a street
    we drove down,
    a wasteland

    of failed suburbs
    at a concrete wall.

    Both of my kids
    and I agreed
    not to go

    that way again,
    then turned back
    to the garden.

    All day, I sat
    in one place,
    picturing paradise

    lost in fatigued
    thoughts about
    buying and selling

    and how lovely
    it was to return
    to where even

    the fruit was free
    for the taking.
    I wonder now

    if this garden
    lives within me
    or if someday

    I will know it
    when I see it,
    exclaim out loud,

    there it is
    and make an offer
    on the spot

    where I was
    given my name:
    Chava, Eve.

    National Poetry Month is right around the corner. Refuel your spirit after a long winter with Dive Into Poetry, a month-long celebration of poetry, April 1-30. Tiered pricing and all welcome!

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