You Begin Again

You and your partner just separated. 
You are getting married next week. 
You're about to get laid off. 
You just started a new job. 
You had a piece accepted for publication. 
You received another rejection. 
You have another surgery coming up. 
You just went to your first silent retreat. 
You are marking the anniversary of the death. 
You are planning your own party. 
You have no idea what comes next. 
You worry about the future. 
You get a letter from an estranged relative. 
You lose your passport.
You get the papers. 
You finalize the name change. 
You declare bankruptcy. 
You write a living will.
You don't know what's for dinner. 
You can't keep up. 
You stop trying to keep up. 
You decide it's worth waiting for. 
You decide to screw waiting. 
You charge it. 
You apply anyway. 
You stop saying yes when you really mean no. 
You get good at noticing. 
You play with the dosage. 
You ask for help. 
You keep to yourself..
You water the plants. 
You make lists of your pet peeves. 
You get rid of the too-small jeans. 
You choose done over perfect.
You shout if from the rooftops.
You appreciate yourself.
You give thanks.
You are growing.
You are changing. 
You do one scary thing and don’t die.
You take the stairs.
You give the speech.
You make the call.
You watch the clouds.
You open your eyes.
You survive the turbulence.
You reclaim your heart.
You begin again.

Your turn.