A Mother's Day Poem

Maybe your mom 
is your best friend

maybe you haven't spoken 
in a decade

maybe you never met her 
maybe she died

or peacefully

maybe you'd do anything 
to be able to see her

maybe she taught you 
to trust yourself

maybe she taught you 
to doubt yourself

maybe she struggled 
in ways you still don't understand

maybe she left you a legacy 
of sea glass and serrated edges

maybe her laugh echoes 
when you laugh

maybe she made the best bread
and knew when to back off

maybe she always called 
at just the right time

maybe you never said
the things

maybe you said 
all the things

maybe she was harsh or soft 
maybe she stood her ground

maybe you're nothing alike
maybe you're her spitting image

maybe you're numb 
or indifferent

No matter what this day means 
no matter who mothered you

no matter how you got here
you matter

You're allowed to miss her
You're allowed to take space

You're allowed to celebrate 
You're allowed to feel hurt

You're allowed to be angry 
You're allowed to remember

the sweet moments
and the painful ones

You're allowed to have a whole 

and to be a whole person 
and to let there be room

for the vast and wild 

that make us 
so human.