Balancing Practice with Action


Jews believe in two schools of being and doing.

One emphasizes the importance of sacred practices and rituals as ways of strengthening our connection to the divine, whatever your name for the unnameable may be.

The other stresses our responsibility to focus on social action and repairing all that is broken in our world.

The answer to which one is more important is “yes.”

The ideal is to balance the two, but as our rabbi put it during Yom Kippur services this morning, sometimes we need a little topping off, a boost, for one intention or the other.

I am in a moment of consciously shoring up my spiritual and sacred practices, which are not divorced from my actions but in fact their foundation.

May the year to come bring you whatever support and resources, inner and outer, you most long for, and perhaps also guidance and connections you didn’t even know you needed.