Something Good Is Worth Finding

I love writing with people who don't think they're writers.

That internalized voice can be taunting, the one that says you don't belong among "real" writers. It's part Velveteen Rabbi and part scared child and part abusive tyrant, all rolled into one. It can be so loud and/or consistent that not only is it all you hear after a while, but your own voice gets quieter and quieter and you forget that you are, in fact, worthy of meeting the blank page with your words.

Watching as a person makes room to venture back into a practice is nothing short of sacred.

We all have our stories about when we stopped.

Stopped playing. Stopped creating. Stopped doing something that brought us joy because it wasn't practical or lucrative or productive.

These stories matter. And as I drink my coffee this morning, I'm also considering that they matter less than what we do now, and next after that.

Do we stay mired in stuckness, sadness, fear, doubt, and regret -- or do we take steps towards changing that story by dipping a toe back into the waters that once held and supported us? Or maybe those waters never existed and there was only surviving, and it is a miracle to say, I am here, I am alive.



It's tricky business, this. Your experiences are your own, and you may have had very real and necessary reasons for abandoning your art or caging your heart. That is not for me or anyone, ever, to judge.

What I do know: The moment you say "fuck it" in your own way, the moment you put pen to paper again, is something to celebrate. It doesn't matter who reads it. It doesn't matter where you share it, if at all. It doesn't matter if it makes money.

What matters is that it's yours.

You belong to yourself.

And writing is one of the most powerful ways I know to come home to yourself, as many times as it takes before, finally one day, you stay for good.



Something good is worth finding.

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