Coax Your Creativity Out of Hiding

As your coach, I will provide fierce encouragement, deep listening, intuitive questions, creative homework, and an unwavering belief in your inherent wholeness. I can’t wait to work with you.

Imagine this: A space devoted to hearing your own voice. To thinking out loud. To listening for your own knowing, and to living and writing from that place.

That is the basis for our coaching relationship.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for our session this morning. I’m so jazzed about my plan and feel like I have a direction. It was so very helpful to talk things out with you and have a sounding board. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ” ~ Woz Flint

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a writer, but only your cat and your best friend from second grade actually know this about you. Perhaps you have a manuscript you’ve been working on for what feels like ever, and you’re ready to step things up by inviting in a second pair of eyes and some accountability. Or you have an idea and you just want to know if it’s as crazy as you think.

Over the course of our time working together, your tolerance for fear and self-doubt will diminish as curiosity and possibility start to take up more room in your consciousness and your actions. You will explore for yourself how your values affect your decisions — both in your writing and in your life. The walls between the various parts of you will come down in favor of wholeness.

You may find yourself taking more risks. The thing is, I don’t know what you need. But I do believe in your inherent ability to grow beyond whatever limitations you’ve placed on yourself. The past is not our concern so much as right now.

“You got right to the issue in my writing and my life. Thank you! Still digesting all of it!” ~ Laura Scappaticci

Is Your Writing in the Closet?

I used to be a closet writer. (In all fairness, I was also a closet smoker. And a closet lesbian. But I digress.)

I’ve worked with hundreds of people — men and women alike, ranging in age from college-aged students to folks who promised themselves they’d finally take their writing seriously when they retired. And if there is one common denominator regardless of class, race, age, gender, religion, and vocation, it has been this:

You want to feel more fully like yourself in relationship to life. To have the outside and inside match. 

Write and Live in a Way that is SO YOU

Let me tell a short story.

I’ll always remember my very first workshop with the Coaches Training Institute. We met in a dingy conference room in a small hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island. I was 28 years old, and nervous as all get out. I’d learned about coaching from having worked with a coach. At the time, I was the director of the Jewish student group at the University of Vermont. I’d been married for just over one year and wanted babies. And I had a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing that felt like it meant exactly nothing when it came to my life. Few people knew I was a writer, and I’d begun to doubt it myself, since I didn’t, in fact, really write anything. I also thought I wanted to be a rabbi.

In other words: I had a deep sense of who I was on the inside, and pretty much no idea how to translate that in outward, concrete ways. I also struggled with depression. I felt like I’d never figure it out.

At the first weekend training, we were given a simple instruction on the first day: On a blank name tag, we were to write something that represented what we wanted to feel more of in the world, rather than our actual name. One guy wrote, “Naked skydiver.” Someone else wrote, “National Geographic photographer.” I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything. The only thing in the world, other than a poet, I wanted to be more of was… myself.

c. 1978, back when being “so me” was easy!

I wrote “So Me” on a name tag and wore it the whole damn weekend. And you know what? It felt really good. It felt really good to introduce myself with the intention of being nothing but myself and to connect with strangers who, in the safety of our human connection, quickly came to share their deepest longings, truest truths, and most undeniable (if neglected) dreams .

What I learned that weekend — and what propelled me to continue my training and ultimately, to become a coach, was this realization that we all want to be SO OURSELVES.

“My very first coaching session with Jena opened my eyes to my inner self, waking parts of me that have been dormant.” ~ Becky Jardine-Holland

Our coaching sessions will help you use your words, your voice, and bring more of your whole self to the page — literally and figuratively.

How does it work?

  1. Send me a note using the form at the bottom of this page. Tell me a little about you. I’ll respond and we will set up a time for a 15-minute chat, to give you an opportunity to ask me your questions and decide if working with me is a good fit.
  2. From there, we will customize a plan.

“Private consults with Jena are like having tea with your Higher Self: The one who knows. The one who has your back. The one who believes in you. And the one who keeps track of your goals.” ~ Emily Cox Sinagra

Your Investment

I’m currently revamping my coaching packages and offerings. For now, you may sign up for a single session below.

Or drop me a line, and together, we’ll decide on a coaching approach that will best support your writing + life.

This could mean a one-time Discovery Session ($360) where we dive deep into where you are and where you’re headed. It could mean exploring a combination of writing groups, prompts, and coaching,  No matter what, we’ll co-create a customized plan based on your budget and schedule.

We can also meet on an a la carte basis anytime.

A La Carte Sessions

60 minutes | $120
30 minutes | $65 $54 for January 2018 only!

Choose one:

“Jena creates, holds space, and inspires like nobody’s business.” ~ Emily Armstrong Oberto

Confidentiality, Cancellations + Refunds
All of our work together will be honored in supreme confidence.
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order not to forfeit the session fee.
Being more than 15 minutes late for a call or meeting forfeits your session fee.
There are no refunds.