flightWhether you’re navigating personal or professional transitions or could use some gentle but kick-ass accountability, if you’re reading this, you are probably ready to take some action.

When you pay attention to your heart and not your fears, when you really listen, chances are good that these three words will ring true:

You Already Know.

You got right to the issue in my writing and my life. Thank you! Still digesting all of it! – Laura Scappaticci

Coaching may be helpful if you: is for you is if you’re DONE:

  • Torturing yourself in the disguise of careful consideration.
  • Dragging out a decision rather than making it.
  • Feeling stuck or sick of your own status quo.
  • Ignoring the elephant in the room rather than asking its name.

And READY to:

  • Focus on “your one wild and precious life” (thank you, Mary Oliver).
  • Brainstorm and try stuff (highly scientific).
  • Discover and design ways around obstacles.
  • Blend acceptance and accountability.
  • Look at what’s going for rather than against you.

For writers and people who want to write:

  • Replace fear and self-doubt with curiosity and momentum.
  • Create and commit to structures that support your goals.
  • Clarify priorities, values, and non-negotiables.
  • Stand up to your inner critic and imposter syndrome.
  • Look at the ways you limit yourself.

Where do we meet?

  • You call me on my cell phone. Simple as that. Skype sessions are also available.

What qualifies me to be your coach?

  • Since 2003, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, online and in-person, through conversation and through writing–around questions of life, work, creative process, fear, spirit, sexuality, loss, growth, and change.
  • I have particularly deep experience working with women of all ages, solopreneurs, and college/graduate students — as well as many creative, soulful male clients.
  • Read more about my professional background here.

How much is coaching?

    • Discovery Session (prep + 120-minute session) | $360
    • 30-minute session | $65
    • 60-minute session |$120
    • Six 30-minute sessions | $325
    • Six 60-minute sessions | $650

What’s the best way to begin?

I highly recommend beginning with a two-hour Discovery Session, preceded by in-depth questionnaire and values inventory and consisting of an intensive, creative, intuitive, fun, and productive two hours together on the phone.

During our call, we’ll explore and discuss your creative goals and perceived barriers, and follow where the conversation leads us. If you’re working on a book, we may use this time to flesh out the themes and thus possible structures. This is an opportunity to slow down and really address your writing life and/or creative life in general, what you want, and how to move in that direction. I also have over a decade of experience as a career counselor, and work with clients around questions of professional goals, challenges, and transitions.

How do you sign up?

  • Select from the drop-down menu.
  • Use the form at the end of this page to send me note; I’ll respond and we’ll schedule your session(s).
  • If you’re curious but undecided, just holler to schedule a free 15-minute chat.

Choose from the Following:

“I had my first coaching session with Jena and it opened my eyes to my inner self, waking parts of me that have been dormant.” – Becky Jardine-Holland

“Private consults with Jena are like having tea with your Higher Self: The one who knows. The one who has your back. The one who believes in you. And the one who keeps track of your goals.” – Emily Cox Sinagra

“Jena creates, holds space, and inspires like nobody’s business.” – Emily Armstrong Oberto

“I so enjoyed our session. I gained clarity, ideas, and energy! Wow.” – Cheri Gurse

“Our regular phone conversations help me name and claim my intuitive desires, ideas, plans, and thoughts — about the structure for my memoir and also about the process I’m following and designing for myself. Jena listens, affirms, and helps me clarify what’s true for me. Also, she provides a form of accountability in a helpful sense, not as an authority. If I tell her that I’m going to do something, I’m more likely to do it because I said it out loud and committed to it! Basically, coaching with Jena helps me be more nurturing and positive toward myself in this writing process. I have written more words during my time working with her than any other such interval in my life.” – Peg Conway

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order not to forfeit the session fee.

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