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There are many portals to nurturing your writing practice and growing as a writer. Which door you pick isn’t all that important. Whether you’re a closet writer, an established writer, or somewhere in between, these two actions will nurture your creative process.

  1. Start.
  2. Keep going.

Simple, but not easy, right?

Maybe you’re terrified of sharing your words, but that whisper is starting to shout. You’re tired of saying “I don’t have time to write.” You already have a writing practice, but the thrill is gone and it’s falling to the bottom of your to-do list. You could use a new perspective on an old story, or a pair of eyes on a work in progress.

You question whether you’re a “real” writer. You long for creative companions  creative companions on the path.

No matter what brings you here, there is a place for you at the table. Take a seat, start, and keep going. Call it practice and let your inner critic drink a juice box or three. Because some words are more than no words. Ten minutes is more than no minutes. You don’t have to be good. Just show up and see what happens. You might surprise yourself.

Have a look around and make yourself at home! Sign up for a self-paced prompts, check out the drop-down options for current and upcoming opportunities to write together, or schedule a coaching session to discuss your writing + life. And be sure to subscribe to the Fierce Encouragement newsletter for letters and news from me in your inbox.

“One learns by thinking about writing and by talking about writing—but primarily through writing.”
~ Mary Oliver

Your perfectionism will not save you.
Your perfectionism will paralyze you.
Your perfectionism is based on a myth.

Tell us the myth of your perfectionism:
Who are its gods and goddesses?
Who takes the fall?
Who is triumphant in the end?
What comes to life and what must die away?

Your walls will not save you.
Your walls will isolate you.
Your walls are based on a story.

Tell us the story of your walls:
What color are they?
Who is allowed in and why?
What are you keeping out?
What will happen if you wander beyond them?

Your self-doubt will not save you.
Your self-doubt will keep you small.
Your self-doubt is based on lies.

Tell us about the lies:
What do they whisper in your ear?
Where do they live in your body?
What if you ignore their warnings and go big?

Your truth and beauty will save you.
The truth of your being.
The beauty of your being.
Or maybe you don’t need saving.
Imagine that.

Tell us about a moment when you felt seen.
And powerful.
And worthy.
And loved.

What people are saying…. 

“Thank you for creating space to be both vulnerable and fearless.” – Lisa Kay

“Never have I felt so befriended: by the page, by a group of fellow writers, by a teacher and coach. Jena provides a lovely mixture of inspiration, invitation, and validation. And then she throws in something else, something wonderful and ineffable which I can only describe as magic. For how else could a bunch of strangers become so intimate so quickly? Within this sacred circle, we came to trust not only one another, but also our own voices, our process, and most of all, the value of sharing our stories.” ~ Katrina Kenison, Author

“I would recommend Jena’s writing groups to anyone looking to experience a radical shift, internally, and with their writing practice.”  ~ Monisha Vasa, M.D.

“These prompts are so beautiful, Jena. Thank you for inspiring me with some new channels for my writing. The self-paced course feels spacious. The email in my box each morning feels like an unwrapped present.”
~ Sue Ann Gleason

“Jena is a gifted and perceptive facilitator. The format and duration of the class were brilliant and conducive to a gentle opening and gradual deepening of the practice. Every prompt asked me to show up in different ways and revealed how sometimes I jump in head-first, others I kick and fight through resistance. A present, compassionate guide and companion, Jena has succeeded in creating a space where all you have to do is show up, write, and open up to presence and vulnerability, the essential ingredients for clear, honest writing. I recommend this class to everyone, whether you call yourself a writer or not. If you can write, type or dictate your words, you will get something invaluable beyond words from this writing group.”
~ María José Giménez

“I have felt amazed at how much the prompts of the past three weeks have elicited from my memories, some long forgotten or seldom visited. The writings from this Mini Memoir group feel complete in themselves — even as they also are seeds waiting to germinate. I have written more words during my time working with Jena than any other such interval in my life.”
~ Peg Morse Conway

“It is pretty damn amazing the way Jena can see the threads, the underpinnings, the unconscious rising to the surface into a sentence.”
~ Marsha Lee Recknagel

“Jena creates a space of discovery. She cracks you open. She helps you remember why on earth you wanted to write in the first place. Practicing with her and the other participants was pure joy. There were no ‘shoulds’ or ‘have to’s’ or judgments. Just love, generosity, and practice. I am so grateful for this experience.”
~ Wendy Wisner

“The writing has been humbling, inspiring, sublime. You have all been part of an evolution in me.”
~ Margaret Keen

Your online group classes are so powerful – they create these lasting and lingering connections and camaraderie. I am so grateful I’ve intersected with you. You offer gifts even without knowing that you do so.”
~ Rudri Bhatt Patel

“I don’t consider myself ‘a writer’ and like many others, felt some slight anxiety about maybe being in a group with people who had much more experience than I do. But I also knew enough of Jena that I trusted it would feel like a perfectly safe and encouraging environment in which to explore. My goal was to develop more of a writing practice and to find inspiration in the prompts and the reflections of others, and this is what I got. Besides encouraging my own practice of self-expression, enjoying a shared space with others allowed me to receive great feedback and reflections of other women about the effect of my own writing on them. This was a really different way of encouraging a writing practice, and way less intimidating than it would be to be receiving ‘critiques.’ It was all just what I needed. And it was very profound to share our stories among a group of women–finding both the unique and the universal between us.”
~ Raquel Aronhime

“The prompts are the best writing exercises I’ve ever done. They are thoughtful, imaginative, visually beautiful, and inspiring. They make me want to do the writing rather than just think about it. Each prompt is like a seed. Out of it grows wonderful new material every day!”
~ Dawn Skorczewski

“These two weeks have been deeply meaningful to me, magical. I retired intending to write, and now for the first time I truly feel that I will keep at it. Looking into your heads, hearts, and souls through your writing has been integral to my newfound devotion. I’ve learned from all of you and felt a deep community of spirit among you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jena, I will be back.”
~ Jeanne Argoff

Write. Practice. Connect. Be Good to Yourself.

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