When I Tell You It's Tomorrow {New Poem}


I dreamed I was ahead a day
texting dear friends to say:
the new day is waiting for you!

Imagine if we did this around
the world, sent each other
notes from the not-so-distant future

some tiny ping of hopefulness
in your lap, assurance that yes,
life really is going on.

But we want more, always more.
More than just life, more than just
continuity of time, whatever that means.

We want justice, we want love,
we want to know if there's a stopgap
split between the two or if really

in the end, whatever end means,
they are one and the same. We want
to skip the ending, we want to go back

to the beginning, the garden where
man's name was earth and earth was
untouched by greed and curiosity

and we could bask in the innocence
of all we didn't know yet -- the tree
and the violence freedom demands,

the on-your-knees beauty of creation,
bodies that began as one cleave apart
to explore the land beyond the border.

Time always circles back to this first
taste of bittersweetness. Now when
I tell you it's tomorrow,

will you believe me -- or look away?

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